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Council policy staff are available to comment on employee benefits matters related to health and retirement coverage, as well as other rewards and compensation issues.

Employer health plan sponsors welcome potential flexibility in new HRA rule; proposal follows policy recommendation offered by Council
October 23, 2018

'American Benefits Legacy' unveiled: Council report details immense value of employer-provided health, retirement benefits
October 17, 2018

Council commends SEC commissioner's call for working group on retirement security
October 16, 2018

Council commends House lawmakers for attention to retirement savings policy
September 27, 2018

Council recommends improvements to 'Tax 2.0' retirement savings legislation
September 13, 2018

White House action to expand multiple employer plans a promising step
August 31, 2018

Employer-sponsored financial well-being programs improve retirement readiness
August 22, 2018

More fiduciary protection needed to encourage expanded lifetime retirement income options
August 15, 2018

Council offers support for federal paid leave standard
July 25, 2018

Council commends House action on HSAs, urges permanent repeal of 'Cadillac Tax'
July 24, 2018

Council urges House committee: 'think big' in pursuing health reforms that strengthen employer system
July 11, 2018

Council, Mercer testimony to Joint Economic Committee: Health Savings Accounts proven to bend cost curve, better manage employee health premiums
June 7, 2018

Council pledges support, cooperation in solving problem of 'missing' benefit plan participants
June 1, 2018

Council supports bipartisan, common-sense proposal to increase retirement cash-out limits
May 16, 2018

Council subcommittee statement shows employers' commitment to health care coverage innovation
April 27, 2018

Council commends IRS for addressing HSA limit issue
April 27, 2018

Council elects new Board of Directors leadership; appoints new members of health policy team
March 26, 2018

Council calls on IRS to address HSA limit issue
March 22, 2018

Employers 'leading the way' on innovations that improve outcomes, lower health care costs: Council, Mercer study highlights companies' best, brightest ideas
March 12, 2018

Lower HSA contribution limits proving disruptive: plans have been relying on higher limits from prior guidance
March 6, 2018

Council applauds bill to improve HSAs: Bipartisan legislation would enhance employer-sponsored coverage
March 1, 2018

Council applauds introduction, passage of measures encouraging value-based health insurance design
February 9, 2018

Two-year delay of "Cadillac Tax" a timely, important step on road to full repeal
January 23, 2018

Council applauds inclusion of urgently needed ‘Cadillac Tax’ delay in stopgap spending bill
January 17, 2018

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