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Membership Benefits

Membership in the American Benefits Council is an investment in sensible, forward-thinking employee benefits policy that can pay for itself many times over.

The Benefits of Membership

When your company becomes a member, there are no additional charges for any Council services besides the one annual membership dues investment. Individuals associated with their employer’s membership can take advantage of all Council benefits.

Council services are designed to benefit you.

Full Access to Policy Staff

The Council’s policy staff is available to all associate members and will work with your team’s unique needs. Click here to view our staff list.

Benefits Compliance Center

Membership includes access to a toll-free helpline where Council staff will be able to assist members with compliance challenges and address any questions on existing or new laws and regulations.

Representation in Washington

The Council staff represent you and the plan sponsor community in all branches of the government. Your government affairs staff frequently team with our advocacy colleagues in visits to Capitol Hill and in various benefits coalitions. We also update your Washington DC associates on benefits policy issues on a regular basis through in-person meetings.

“The Council has fought tirelessly on issues important to our company on Capitol Hill, at the regulatory agencies and through amicus briefs.”
– Cliff York, BP


How Membership Works

Membership is corporate. Each organization has a primary Main Member, while all company colleagues who hold benefits responsibilities are associate members. There is no “per head” charge beyond the annual membership investment. We encourage companies to include all employees from their human resources, finance, legal, government affairs or any other departments who have benefits or compensation responsibilities. This includes all business locations and offices worldwide.


Need Further Information?

Bring Council membership benefits to your company through this concise letter you can submit to corporate decision makers. Membership FAQs are available to answer any further questions you may have.