Spotlight on Employer Innovations in Health Care

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 178 million Americans currently have employer-sponsored health insurance. Despite employers playing such a significant role in the healthcare market, policy debates have too often ignored them.

Employers are more than mere intermediaries. They play a critical role in the healthcare system, leveraging purchasing power, market efficiencies and plan design innovations to provide comprehensive health coverage at a fraction of the cost to government compared to federal programs. Nevertheless, some policymakers subscribe to the myth that employers don't feel the need to manage their own healthcare spending. That they don't seek more cost-efficient health plans. That they don't work to ensure quality of care. That they don't innovate.

Employers have been innovating since they first began providing health benefits. In partnership with Mercer, the American Benefits Council has composed a playbook of some of employers' most innovative strategies and we will continue to spotlight innovative companies in this space to demonstrate employers' commitment to leading the way.

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