News Releases

Council policy staff are available to comment on employee benefits matters related to health and retirement coverage, as well as other rewards and compensation issues.

See below for the Council’s most recent news releases.


Build Back Better Act needs to be built back better
November 19, 2021

Council calls on Congress to support employers delivering high-quality mental health coverage
November 12, 2021

Deletion of paid leave provision from BBBA a setback, presents opportunity to 'do it right'
October 28, 2021

Build Back Better Act runs risk of jeopardizing employer-provided benefits
October 1, 2021

Congress must modify BBBA paid leave initiative to protect existing employer-provided programs
September 22, 2021

Silver Linings Pandemic Playbook shows employers' creative response to health crisis
July 27, 2021

Employer-provided health coverage a bargain for U.S. taxpayers
July 14, 2021

New rules on 'surprise' medical billing should help lower health care costs, protect patients
July 1, 2021

American Benefits Council statement on ACA Supreme Court Decision on Process
June 17, 2021

Employers hopeful federal proposals will standardize paid leave requirements, provide opportunity for fairness
April 28, 2021

Council releases 401(k) Fast Facts
March 12, 2021

Council applauds inclusion of pension funding measures in rescue bill
March 10, 2021

Council releases statement on DOL timeframe extension guidance
Febraury 26, 2021


Supreme Court ERISA decision raises serious concerns about employers' ability to provide uniform benefits
December 10, 2020

Broad, bipartisan consensus on retirement policy underscores shared goals, urgency of action
December 9, 2020

Council commends Neal, Brady for thoughtful, bipartisan approach to retirement policy
October 27, 2020

Bipartisan former members of Congress urge fairness, consistency on paid leave laws
October 26, 2020

COBRA health plan support desperately needed: Council strongly endorses Worker Health Coverage Protection Act
September 24, 2020

Nationwide poll: 90% of voters support additional financial assistance for job-based health coverage
July 13, 2020

Survey of American Benefits Council members reveals: Serious employee benefit plan concerns lingering as pandemic, recession threaten businesses
June 22, 2020

Strengthening employee benefit plans an essential response to the COVID-19 pandemic
June 3, 2020

Council applauds U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down challenge to defined benefit plan
June 1, 2020

Funding rules could result in $24 billion diverted from economic recovery, almost 500K lost jobs
April 23, 2020

PCMA v. Arkansas Supreme Court case about more than PBMs, prescription drugs
April 1, 2020

Council applauds bipartisan, bicameral effort to shore up economy, including benefit plans
March 27, 2020

Alliance to Fight for Health Care: Broad Coalition Relaunches to Stabilize Employer-Provided Health Care Coverage
March 21, 2020

Council urges uniform, consistent approach to paid leave as part of COVID-19 response
March 12, 2020

Treasury/IRS guidance on coronavirus clears way for employers to provide additional screening, treatment
March 11, 2020

American Benefits Council calls for 'bold action' on drug pricing, transparency
February 4, 2020

Council Comments on health care regulatory proposal: Increased price transparency has potential to lower health costs, increase value for consumers
January 29, 2020



Council applauds repeal of 'Cadillac Tax,' inclusion of SECURE retirement act in year-end package
December 16, 2019

Council urges bipartisan, bicameral solution to multiemployer pension crisis
November 26, 2019

Council strongly endorses Retirement Security Preservation Act
August 1, 2019

Council opposes arbitration amendment to 'surprise' medical billing legislation
July 17, 2019

Employers welcome expansion of HSAs to permit pre-deductible coverage of chronic illness
July 17, 2019

Council urges passage of 'Cadillac Tax' repeal bill
July 14, 2019

Council commends approval of Energy and Commerce 'surprise' billing legislation
July 11, 2019

Council supports enhanced health care cost/quality transparency, HSA reforms
June 24, 2019

Final HRA rule offers valuable flexibility to employer health plan sponsors 
June 13, 2019

Proposed measure to lower health costs makes progress on many employer goals
May 23, 2019

American Benefits Council to help lead Consumers First health alliance: employers determined to find a solution to problem of escalating health care costs + Official Consumers First news release
May 14, 2019

Council testifies on growing challenges in retirement system
May 14, 2019

Employer community applauds efforts to address 'surprise billing' crisis (joint release with ERIC & NRF)
May 9, 2019

Aon, American Benefits Institute study sees progress on global benefits governance
April 18, 2019

Council commends Ways and Means approval of bipartisan retirement savings provisions
April 2, 2019

Addressing 'surprise' medical billing a critical component of lowering health care costs
April 2, 2019

Council applauds introduction of Senate bill to eliminate 'Cadillac Tax'
March 6, 2019

Uncontrolled health care costs the defining issue for contemporary employee benefits
March 1, 2019

Council launches state, local policy initiative: bipartisan team of former federal, state lawmakers to lead effort
February 28, 2019

Retirement policy a 'good news/bad news' story
February 6, 2019

American Benefits Council statement on health care costs, prescription drugs
February 6, 2019

Council applauds introduction of 'Cadillac Tax' repeal bill
January 24, 2019




Employer plans 'still strong, still reliable' in wake of ACA decision
December 17, 2018

'New economy' policies for health, retirement benefits must build on what works
December 11, 2018

Policymakers should recognize, build on innovative efforts of employer health plan sponsors
November 28, 2018

New polling data shows strong public support for employer-provided health, retirement plans
November 14, 2018

Employer health plan sponsors welcome potential flexibility in new HRA rule; proposal follows policy recommendation offered by Council
October 23, 2018

'American Benefits Legacy' unveiled: Council report details immense value of employer-provided health, retirement benefits
October 17, 2018

Council commends SEC commissioner's call for working group on retirement security
October 16, 2018

Council commends House lawmakers for attention to retirement savings policy
September 27, 2018

Council recommends improvements to 'Tax 2.0' retirement savings legislation
September 13, 2018

White House action to expand multiple employer plans a promising step
August 31, 2018

Employer-sponsored financial well-being programs improve retirement readiness
August 22, 2018

More fiduciary protection needed to encourage expanded lifetime retirement income options
August 15, 2018

Council offers support for federal paid leave standard
July 25, 2018

Council commends House action on HSAs, urges permanent repeal of 'Cadillac Tax'
July 24, 2018

Council urges House committee: 'think big' in pursuing health reforms that strengthen employer system
July 11, 2018

Council, Mercer testimony to Joint Economic Committee: Health Savings Accounts proven to bend cost curve, better manage employee health premiums
June 7, 2018

Council pledges support, cooperation in solving problem of 'missing' benefit plan participants
June 1, 2018

Council supports bipartisan, common-sense proposal to increase retirement cash-out limits
May 16, 2018

Council subcommittee statement shows employers' commitment to health care coverage innovation
April 27, 2018

Council commends IRS for addressing HSA limit issue
April 27, 2018

Council elects new Board of Directors leadership; appoints new members of health policy team
March 26, 2018

Council calls on IRS to address HSA limit issue
March 22, 2018

Employers 'leading the way' on innovations that improve outcomes, lower health care costs: Council, Mercer study highlights companies' best, brightest ideas
March 12, 2018

Lower HSA contribution limits proving disruptive: plans have been relying on higher limits from prior guidance
March 6, 2018

Council applauds bill to improve HSAs: Bipartisan legislation would enhance employer-sponsored coverage
March 1, 2018

Council applauds introduction, passage of measures encouraging value-based health insurance design
February 9, 2018

Two-year delay of "Cadillac Tax" a timely, important step on road to full repeal
January 23, 2018

Council applauds inclusion of urgently needed ‘Cadillac Tax’ delay in stopgap spending bill
January 17, 2018



Tax bill preserves critical incentives for health and retirement benefit plans, but challenges remain
December 20, 2017

Council commends legislation offering critical relief to employer-sponsored health plans
December 12, 2017

Council Letter to Congress Regarding Year-End Health Policy Priorities
December 8, 2017

Council sets out principles for paid leave policy
December 6, 2017

Council thankful that tax bills protect employer-sponsored retirement benefits
December 4, 2017

Any action to address PBGC deficit must protect improving single-employer pension plan system
November 16, 2017

House, Senate tax bills protect retirement benefits, compensation for everyday employees
November 15, 2017

Council applauds tax bill's inclusion of important retirement provisions
November 2, 2017

Council statement on GOP tax reform bill
November 2, 2017

Retirement tax incentives important, effective
October 24, 2017

PBGC pilot mediation project a welcome step toward better relations
October 16, 2017

Halting ACA subsidies hurts employer plans, too
October 13, 2017

HRA provisions of health care executive order would improve access to affordable coverage
October 12, 2017

Council applauds preservation of retirement savings incentives in tax reform framework
September 27, 2017

Council urges consideration of retirement savings legislation as part of relief bill
September 22, 2017

Council urges DOL to allow more flexibility of required benefit plan disclosures, expanded electronic delivery
August 22, 2017

Health care bill needs additional changes to protect employer-sponsored benefits
July 26, 2017

Council letter to Senate Finance Committee: Successful employer-sponsored benefits system depends on smart, forward-thinking tax policy
July 18, 2017

National retirement policy essential to help employees, families achieve financial security
June 6, 2017

Employer-sponsored insurance represents strong foundation of American health coverage
May 24, 2017

Council urges adoption of a new regulatory framework enabling employers to use technology
May 18, 2017

American Benefits Council statement on GOP health proposal
March 6, 2017

Consistent federal policy and regulatory framework vital for workplace wellness programs
March 1, 2017

Effort to tax employee health benefits driven by economic myths
February 28, 2017

Health care reform checklist: how to protect the health benefits of 177 million Americans
February 27, 2017

Council announces election of new board chair, officers
February 21, 2017

Council warns against legislation that would tax employees’ health insurance
February 13, 2017

Council urges Trump Administration to minimize burdensome ACA employer reporting requirements
February 7, 2017

Nationwide poll reveals: Voters reject ACA replacement proposals that would tax employer-sponsored health benefits
February 6, 2017

Nationwide poll reveals: Voters favor repeal of 'Cadillac Tax' by 2-to-1 margin, remain deeply skeptical about supposed benefits
January 31, 2017

Council lauds 'Cadillac tax' repeal bills for continued bipartisan, bicameral support to protect employer-sponsored health coverage
January 24, 2017

Alliance to Fight the 40 News Release: Alliance Applauds Reintroduction of Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Workers' Health Benefits
January 10, 2017



Council suggests more flexible determination letter process, expansion of private letter rulings program
December 15, 2016

Council urges withdrawal of Form 5500 revisions
December 5, 2016

Council sees opportunity in lame-duck session to improve employees' retirement security
November 17, 2016

Proceed with caution: action to address PBGC deficit must protect single-employer pension plans
November 16, 2016

Council President James A. Klein's memo to members: policy priorities will need to overcome partisan conflict
November 10, 2016

Retirement savings bill approved by Senate committee includes several important Council recommendations
September 22, 2016

Council commends IRS extension of relief for frozen defined benefit pensions, urges permanent, comprehensive fix to help workers, employers
September 19, 2016

American Benefits Institute, AonHewitt survey shows multinational companies increasing control of global benefits programs
August 1, 2016

Council lauds Senate measure moving PBGC premiums off-budget
July 15, 2016

Council applauds introduction of legislation to increase access to chronic disease treatment
July 7, 2016

Council hires new communications associate
June 27, 2016

Statement on House GOP tax reform plan: Council urges continued support of employer-sponsored retirement and health benefits
June 24, 2016

Council statement on House GOP health reform plan
June 22, 2016

Open MEP arrangements show real promise for improving retirement coverage
June 21, 2016

Council commends Bipartisan Policy Center retirement report's search for common ground, practical solutions
June 9, 2016

Council offers proposals to promote lifetime participation in employer retirement plans
June 8, 2016

Council applauds PBGC proposed rule reducing late payment penalties
April 29, 2016

Employer innovations in health care coverage rely on regulatory flexibility, smart tax policy
April 14, 2016

DOL fiduciary rule presents improvements, concerns
April 6, 2016

Nationwide poll shows voter support for lawmakers who vote to repeal 'Cadillac Tax,' strong skepticism of proponents' claims
March 23, 2016

Council Elects New Officers and Board Members, Reports Continued Membership Growth
March 2, 2016

Council applauds Supreme Court decision in Gobeille ERISA preemption case
March 1, 2016

Council lauds parts of President's retirement agenda, criticizes so-called 'Cadillac Tax' fix
February 9, 2016

Council urges Senate Finance Committee to build on success of employer-sponsored retirement system
January 28, 2016

Council available to comment on State of the Union address
January 12, 2016